Marvel Films Thread


Everything except Spider-ham because he’s really, deeply shit.

Everything else looks :star_struck::star_struck::star_struck::star_struck:



kingpin’s back yesssss


“There’s only one way to stop me but you’re not going to do it”
“Is it punching a load of people in a corridor?”


Looks ace despite the obligatory corridor fight scene. More hyped for this than the last couple of Marvel series. The return of Kingpin can hopefully only be good…


Awesome. Although Punisher was the best thing about series 2.


My 3 and bit year old is becoming obsessed with Marvel. It’s ace. He’s years off being able to watch the films, so we’re currently working our way through the Marvel Super Hero Adventures and I buy him the odd Funko Marvel Mini if he’s been good. Quite surprised me the other day when we were larking about in the living room and he said “Daddy, you be Carnage, and i’ll be Anti-Venom”.


Not sure they needed to give away that thing in the last shot of the trailer there, would have preferred some Fisk cufflink action tbh


*only good thing


Watched Venom last night. Not as good as Iron Man 2 or Thor : Dark World.




My first thought here was “Oh wow, Anti-Venom is in other media already? He was only introduced in the comics about 2 years ago”. Then I checked it, first appeared October 2008. Ten fucking years, where did it go?


Parenting done right.


d’onofrio is a fucking great actor and the absence of elektra (who was a fucking shit actor) is welcome. Do we know who that is playing Bullseye there?


Not the foggiest on the Bullseye actor but yes I cannot stress how much I welcome the lack of Elecktra! Totally ruined the second half of season two and most of The Defenders for me…


Internet tells me it’s Wilson Bethel, who I know from a show called Hart of Dixie (post-OC Rachel Bilson vehicle) where he played a Patrick Swayze-in-Roadhouse-type.


this could go either way then. Hope they pull it off


Hart of Dixie was great, don’t @ me

Enjoying the Marvel teen heartthrob rehabilitation programme (Wilson here, Ben Barnes in Punisher, etc)


So Bullseye is going to be the guy pretending to be Daredevil in that trailer? Sorry - I’m learning here. My son probably knows the answer…