Marvel Films Thread



I read somewhere that Hart Of Dixie was a US interpretation of ITV’s splendid “Doc Martin” series. Both of them are excellent television :call_me_hand:


Found out the other day that Black Panther took more in North America than Infinity War did. Obviously they made sacks and sacks of money, but that’s really impressive and speaks to the film’s importance.

As good a time as any to point out that Black Panther is also today’s premiere on Now TV :smiley:


In more totally unsurprising news


Wonder if they’ll keep the character around somehow.

I guess a lack of a second season for Defenders means not, but maybe they’ll move him over to Luke Cage or something.

(Also, can’t see it moving to Disney’s new service - mostly for lack of interest but also imagine having only season 3 of a series on a platform.)


Luke Cage cancelled now too. Possible they’re winding up all the Netflix series ahead of launching the new platform?


Suspect half this, half a Danny and Luke series


Didn’t even know there was a second season of Magic Hand. Kept that quiet. Worth bothering with?


was miles better than s1 but probably not, especially now that it’s been cancelled. a third season had potential to be genuinely quite good given the developments at the end of the last one so I hope they keep him around in some capacity. a danny/luke combo show seems like a no brainer given how much better they both are together anyway


really enjoyed Luke Cage season 2, this is bullshit


Reckon the whole point of these series were to undermine the quality of Netflix ahead of launching their own platform


“really surreal suddenly seeing the Punisher doing blackface and being pro Westboro in S2 there”


theres a character in daredevil s3 called poindexter and he absolutely is one



Just watched the first episode of DD S3 which I thought was absolutely thrilling and visceral. Can’t wait to dive right in and binge the rest of the series now.


so happy it’s back. the fight scenes seem to have got even better (i’ve only seen 2 eps so far)


excellent news.


have seen the whole thing. it’s utterly fantastic.


I love it. Shame that the Defenders stuff is such a mixed bad. Daredevil and Punisher are some of my favourite MCU stuff, film or otherwise. Vincent D’Onofrio is ace.


honestly couldn’t be happier D’Onofrio is back, he’s an absolute force.