Marvel Films Thread


The differences in camerawork and choreographing during that spar with the boxer before and after Matt took a bash to the ear were brilliant! Was really tough watching him taking a kicking at the hands (feet) of the kidnappers later on too.

@xylo so hyped right now! Not watched any of the Marvel series since The Defenders and this one episode has gotten me all invested again.


Foggy still in it?


this should have been season 2 really, as it follows up loads of stuff from the first one I’d forgotten about totally forgot karen killed a guy lol




just to say (no spoilers dw) that the ending is actually utterly wonderful. like, they couldn’t have finished the season in a better way, all of it makes sense, nothing feels cliche or doesn’t scan. i was so ready for a less impressive ending but they absolutely nailed it.




Seen the first three eps of DD3: nice so far. Enjoying sarcastic Matt and the sister, nice scenes there. The way he got his spidey sense back by blowing his nose was a bit contrived, but the way they showed it was nice so that’s fine.

The attack on Fisk was great, excellent Poindextering.

Still find Karen a bit weird. That scene where she went to the hospital to get a story, and the woman was like, ‘no go away’, and Karen just started telling a long emotional story about her brother and the woman was immediately ‘omg I’m so sorry I’ll tell you everything’, rather than ‘I said go away, not give me your life story’

Actually Fisk does this when agent Brokeface McQuandary asks him something banal like ‘do you agree to these terms?’ and Fisk gives him a long monologue about how love is a prison. Would have loved it if we then saw the agent just ticking ‘yes’ on a form


The prison scene in DD S3 E4 is actually fucking mindblowing


Yes! I just watched that this evening. It’s all one shot right? Incredible how they do it.


Yep. I know one shot action sequences are pretty bait these days but wow they really pulled it off. Completely chaotic and compelling. Charlie Cox is so great.


Yeah, the physicality of the actors is amazing. I loved Charlie Cox’s flying kick/land on medical table move. And it was so long, think it was all the way until the cab unless there was a quick cut I missed in the middle. I always think how hard it must be just hoping no one slips or fluffs a line!




Was brilliant. Loved that the cab was still waiting.

Been a great series. Trying to ration out the last two episodes. One of me and my wife’s favourite things about the series is Ray Nadeem. Not many Asian characters in these series (or movies, or comics) which we’re really starting to notice now that my son is becoming Marvel obsessed. It’s cool that he’s a hardboiled style cop, rather than IT hacker guy or something, who is more NYC than whatever his ethnicity is.

Oh, just checked and Jay Ali is English!


Brits bloody everywhere in the Netflix-verse - Daredevil, Iron Fist, Colleen, Davos, Killgrave, Agent Nadeem, JJ’s mum. Non-union Mexican equivalents etc


Charlie Cox is British??? :open_mouth:


He can see as well!


He was in the first ever ep of Downton Abbey and played the lead in Stardust, both iconic roles.


Have absolutely loved Jay Ali and his storyline in this series so far. 2 eps to go as well. Wish it was 20!


Just finished the last episode. Great series.