Marvel Films Thread


def not keeping the actors


Oh god, don’t keep Foggy.


In practice yes, but technically it is part of the wider MCU with references to ‘the event’ etc. If they reboot them as much more integrated characters it is a bit odd but then that’s comic books for you.


wo, foggy is great. id happily watch the foggy&karen show


But he can’t act. He’s actually incapable of it. That scene in S1 where he’s like “are you even blind?” made me throw a mug at the telly.

Sorry, I’m being negative, I’m glad you enjoy Foggy :slight_smile:


I like foggy too


but then, I don’t really think any actors can actually act.

Not like they think they can act anyway. It’s all just an act.


I’m not glad you enjoy Foggy.


He was better in lotsw tbf


Oh god, I’ve just remembered that thread with “Nissan Fogdeath” :smiley:


Your search - nissan fogdeath thewarn - did not match any documents.



still, at least that’s in my search history now


it’s in mine too :frowning:




S3 was perfect. Gutted for Ray though :broken_heart:


i just need S2 punisher to land and i can think of netflix marvel as a contained, one-off awesome imagining of that world, and maybe just a bit of a sacred thing.

except for defenders and S1 IF obv


The idea of anyone other than Jon Bernthal playing Frank in any post S2 Punisher season makes me very upset


aha but i have a solution to that: i am not going to watch any other reworkings of punisher ever again. because honestly s1 delivered exactly what i love about some of the better arcs of that dude, and s2 hopefully will do more of the same.

i’m interested to see whether they’ll bring russo straight back, because the DD arc was sharp on leaving fisk out of S2 and creating those forebodings.

but if netflix knew what was coming, the showrunners might have discussed having ‘jigsaw’ reappear faster so that they don’t miss their chance and bringing his hideous face to the show.


thinking of going absolutely massive full loser nerd and rewatching every marvel film


oh shit. do it.