Marvel Films Thread


ok I am going through every film based on a marvel comic, not just the recent ones


good luck man. this is gonna take a while


Some guy on Reddit is recutting all the films into a chronological TV serie. You have no idea how tempted I am to dive into that.


best line so far:

“how did you find out about my vibrator?”


I watched the first one. It was ok.


Apparently new Captain Marvel in the Monday American Football slot (no idea what time of day that will be in our timezones but I’m guessing Tuesday morning?) and then Wednesday morning for the new trailer for Avengers 4 Eva.


Avengers 4: Tokyo Drift


Avengers 4: Avenge This!
Live Free or Avengers
Avengers: Age of Das Boot


class poster tbf


Finally watched Venom, thought it was a bit silly and totally get what people meant by it being fairly inconsistent as far as tone, I’m not sure the writers/directors really know how to pull off the anti-hero story but it was fairly enjoyable all the same.


Just noticed Lee Pace is in this. Was he not the bad angry man in Guardians? Hmm


he is yeah. this is set before all that though


Cool. I like Lee Pace. Hope he gets to be good in this.

I mean, not necessarily good good. I hope he’s able to show his acting talent. You know what I mean


yeah for sure. he didn’t really get to do much in guardians so hopefully this’ll be different


The right role here could be the making of him. A Pacemaker, if you will.


if the storyline keeps close to comic lore he’ll be significant i should think


you need to have a long hard think about what you’ve done here


LOTS of buzz that an Infinity War Part Two trailer is dropping this Wednesday…!


Don’t see the point in watching a trailer for this, if you’ve seen part 1 you already know whether you’ll watch part 2. In the run up to The Last Jedi I had to time all of my cinema arrivals so I’d be in my seat just as the film is about to begin, better to go in completely blind.



(Post-credits scene of him wailing on Iron Fist please)