Marvel Films Thread


All about Nick Fury going nuts over the best type of cat


Pew pew pew




Aha this is ace. He’s been increasingly prominent in avengers comics the past few years.


You read it here first:

That cat is DEFINITELY a Skrull


The cat is how Fury loses an eye.


1,000,000 per cent


Saw this comment on the trailer and am fully on board with this idea:

‘I want multiple fake-outs throughout the film about Fury losing his eye. Like he just screams “AAHHH MY EYE!” and Carol says “What?? What is it?” and he says “Damn got an eye lash in there. It’s out now”’


I realise I don’t really know what their gesture means in that context. I guess it was big in the 90s but that was 2 decades ago…


Isn’t the cat something specific to her character? I thought it was spotted on the poster and everyone went on about it?


I really don’t want him to lose his eye in this film. Would be the absolute coolest shit for a scriptwriter to pull. Dodge that trope entirely!

Motherfucking prequel film writers I officially dare you. I DOUBLE DARE you!


She has a pet thing looks like a cat but isn’t

I saw someone say that the name badge is a Top Gun reference though


Ah right. That explains someone saying ‘Chewie’ on a comment. I thought they’d spotted Chiwetel Ejiofor (I know he doesn’t like the nickname but it gets used) somehow in there.


I’m not sure, but I spent three months of the summer on a course with some 20 year olds who were always throwing it around so now I do it to be cool.


This is great. Great for me. Because on Sunday, I bought the first appearance of Shang-Chi. I haggled the price from £70 to £58. So after two years and £300, I have a complete run of Master of Kung Fu comics from 15 to 125.



dude <3


Avengers trailer is apparently now Friday, cos of George Bush’s funeral.


Ugh, hasn’t he done enough