Marvel Films Thread


nah fam I think it’s a Flerken




even though they don’t even really show anything there OH GOD I CANNOT FUCKING WAIT FOR THIS FILM


Only 5 months to go!


Ninja Hawkguy gonna get Thanos


adding paul rudd to the mcu was the greatest decision in modern cinema history



Hawkguy definitely got Nora Durst’d, didn’t he


Fucking RONIN Hawkeye! Yeeeeesssssss


Can’t be any more annoying than Infinity War was



where’s thanos though? Defo gonna be another trailer with him


Briefly there

Plus that’s his armour on the scarecrow


Enjoyed getting the title reveal at the end of that trailer without seeing it before


Just seen a new trailer for a new thing.

Guess I should have probably watched the last few.


I hope the first 5 minutes is just Thanos walking around some fields, stark bollock naked apart from his glove.


Stupid sexy Thanos



Hopefully this will be the closing credits song



Everyone left is a Skrull.

No Captain America still it seems. Hopefully Steve will get it together for the final act before he’s killed off tjough


We all waiting for the stars and stripes and sheild, they’re not going to give that away in the trailer.

Still angery about Infinity War where the trailer had T’Challa going “somebody give this man a sheild” then when he gets to that bit in the film he gets a shitty grey triangular sheild. That’s just plain trolling.