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There’s now a massive appetite for American blockbusters in China, which there wasn’t really before about 2009/10, and Marvel have been riding that wave really well. If you look at their North America vs Rest of World grosses, the first Iron Man took more in North America, as did the Incredible Hulk (just), but by Iron Man 2 it’s about equal. Since then, every Marvel film has taken more in total outside North America than it did there.

It’s obviously not ~just~ China, but Civil War’s take there was $190m, and Doctor Strange has taken over $100m there so far.


It’s also why you see so many films trying to shoehorn in scenes set or involving China. cough The Martian end cough.


Isn’t that because there’s still strict rules on how many Hollywood blockbusters are shown in China - effectively the deal seems to be that if you want one of your tentpoles to get a Chinese release (particularly at peak time) then it needs to nod towards Chinese culture in some way (be that including more Chinese actors in the cast, filming in China or setting part of the plot in China for unknown reasons).

To be fair to The Martian, the China part of the plot was part of the source material, unless there was an extra bit shoehorned in I’ve forgotten.


China are pretty integral to the plot of the novel.


Yeah, I think it used to be five a year, but a quickly googling tells me it’s more like 30 a year now and increasing each year. I have no idea if it helps navigate the bureaucracy involved. The Ghostbusters reboot was never released there, which I thought was down to cultural sensitivities around spirits, but Wikipedia says is down to local distributors not being interested in it.

I didn’t realise that about the Martian, cheerfully retracted. In fact, I’m not even sure that I knew it was based on a book…


Yeah Doctor Strange had the final showdown in Hong Kong and moved Kamer Taj to Kathmandu from Tibet to keep the Chinese happy.


A self-published book!


Cumbers was always going to draw big. My mum went to see DS and the last superhero film she watched was Keaton as Batman


Definitely makes total sense in terms of who’s doing space exploration now/who might actually have the money and desire to do so. See also Gravity, for that.


Apropos of nothing I rewatched dredd again. It’s still the best comic adaptation.

But probably because 2000AD >>>>> Marvel >>>>>>>>>>>Batman >>>>>> rest of DC in terms of the source material


Now there’s a film that should have started a franchise.


Right?? The the new dredd run at the moment deserves adaptation - Mega City Zero is one of the most amusing satires the comic world has pulled off (and not in a clumsy The Boys way)


[quote=“xylo, post:112, topic:7519, full:true”]
Right?? The the new dredd run at the moment deserves adaptation - Mega City Zero is one of the most amusing satires the comic world has pulled off (and not in a clumsy The Boys way)[/quote]
Blimey. I agree with you about the film and the general quality of 2000AD over the Yanks but this is the first time I’ve ever seen anyone with a good word to say about the IDW Dredd stories.


Tbf Zero is the first story I’ve thought ‘yeah that feels like him back when they hit the late 90s sense of humour’

I’m biased though. I’m manic about Dredd, along with Durham and Zombo. So I’m possibly blinded


I haven’t read Mega City Zero at all but, for me, the stuff Rob Williams is writing for the Prog these days (Titan, Enceladus and the Sensitive Klegg stories) are really hitting the right balance of serious and daft. Doesn’t hurt that Henry Flint is probably the greatest working artist alive today.


Haven’t read 2000AD in aaaaages, but I see they’re putting out graphic novels of old stories at a rate of knots. Might be time to catch up.

Dredd storylines that would make good films (for me) would be Block Mania, possibly leading to Apocalypse War, The Pit for another ‘small story’ or anything with the Angel clan for the headbutting.


I’d love HBO or Netflix to do a big budget Dredd miniseries that follows on from the movie.


Angel gang stuff would be wonderful - cursed earth in the same vein/style as Dredd drools


I grew up reading my brothers 2000ADs well before I properly started on Marvel stuff. Some fantastic strips in there (although the mid 90’s Mark Miller phase wasn’t great).

I’ve love to see TV series/films of things like Bad Company, Nikolai Dante and Button Man.


Fuck yes