Marvel Films Thread


In terms of 2000ad I’d also really like to see a Slaine film/miniseries (obviously leave out all the sci-fi time travel nonsense that happened later!)


Future Shock- The Story of 2000ad is well worth a watch.


2000AD: Zenith or Nemesis are the main two that I’d look to adapt.

Dredd. Not seen the new film but always felt like it was just a really hard source to adapt well.


You should probably watch the new film. They do about as good a job of adapting as it’s possible to do.


As demonstrated by the Stallone version. Karl Urban nails it though, as did being confined to the block, the look MC1 itself wasn’t as convincing as I’d have liked.


Not having Rob Schneider also makes it miles better by default!


yeah i lived for Tharg’s Future Shock as a kid.

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Fuck Comic Con, just go to the 40th birthday party.


:smiley: already have a ticket buddy


Scrotnig! See ya there.


Drokk yes.


This thread has been hijacked :open_mouth:


I will try to catch it some time. I’m someone who doesn’t throw the Stallone film under a bus, though. He is dreadful as Dredd and the film suffers. I think it’s because he’s a very emotional/human sort of actor while prior to that I’d have said RoboCop is the closest to actual Dredd, right down to the confusion of having an emotional response to something.

That said, I appreciated how the script tried to tie together a few classic stories, put an excellent Hammerstein on screen and - even though I’d have preferred no Angel gang at all - did a half-decent job of them too. The Long Walk was great as was Von Sydow in that role.

But really I just think the marriage of extreme violence and very black humour can be tricky to pull off, and is even harder if you’re also trying to do every other part of your adaptation justice rather than having a clean slate to work off.


dredd is basically The Raid, future edition


I’ve not seen that either.


:expressionless: it’s like pinkerton all over again goddamnit Theo


Well except they both came out at a time when going to see a film was really hard to do due to the child and it’s very rare I’m home alone with enough time/energy to spend on a film.


Theo your child is not to be used as a bullet shield for my ire.


It’s basically Dredd, set in the present


The Pinkerton thing is all me, don’t worry.