Marvel Films Thread


hi jacked by true geeks.

Fed up of you half-geek daywalker bozos mussing up my territory. Ooh we like people with magic powers and lycra but we’d NEVER stoop so low as to playing card games or dressing up.





oh, sweet, thank you. I’d been holding off buying Dead Zone (and I loved Day of Chaos and what it did to Dredd’s world) as it felt really slim for a £13.99 price tag!


I shit out on that one after buying Zenith Phase 1 & 2. After getting the Chaos Day ones I want to pick up Titan at some point and some of the complete case files featuring Apocalypse War/Judge Child/Oz/Necropolis amongst others.



This looks decent. Bit weird that Iron Man seems to have such a big part. Yer man definitely seems like he fits the role better than Maguire and Garfield already.


Could easily be a case of all the Tony Stark scenes being in the trailer.


Yeah, pretty likely. RDJ’s probably pulling in ten times the salary of everyone else on the film for those scenes too.


but HOW did he get his powers?!?


New Spider-Man trailer and, er, poster

Honestly, if this is a fanmade thing it seems to have hoodwinked all the big sites. WTAF? It’s like something out of Garth Merenghi.

New trailer here


there’s no way that’s the actual poster. looks like shit.


Looks pretty much the same as any other kids’ film poster, no?


(the previous teaser poster is great



Bit of a shame they’ve made Vulture’s design so similar to Falcon. As long as Keaton does a Batman 1989 callback I’ll be happy though.


Everyone always rages about how many bloody Spider-Man reboots we’ve had but what they do expect? Even that second Andrew Garfield one which nobody liked at all made $700 million, which may have been seen as disappointing for the studio, but it’s a long way from being a bomb (see also: Batman v Superman). This new one will probably make a similar amount, then everyone will act baffled why Hollywood keeps ploughing on with Spider-Man.


Michael Keaton and Marissa Tomei!



Is this the thread where I can post that I saw Guardians 2 last night and say that I really liked it?


i still don’t believe this is a real poster


Someone in Marvel took pity on DC.

Which is ironic given how much positive noise that fan poster of Wonder Woman lifting a tank got.