Marvel Films Thread


Non-Marvel chat I genuinely like the actual WW poster although OBV F’s pose was better!

Actual Marvel chat: loved GOTG2. It was big dumb fun and I got to see Chris Pratt’s lovely face 50ft high. What’s not to like?

Still haven’t seen Dr Strange or Civil War. I only intend on watching one of them tbqh


Make It the latter. It’s merely bad, whereas doctor strange is a poo with a ribbon on


Not seen Strange but probably Civil War stars fewer known posh racists?


Calm down pals, it definitely wasn’t going to be Dr Strange!


Oh no calm necessary twas just a recommendation


(Civil war is also pretty awful)


i liked dr strange


You use a Dvorak keyboard though


Oh shit


is theo calling me a geek? dark times


I’d probably like Dr Strange too, tbf


So did I :wave:

Civil War can fuck right off though (except for all the scenes with Spidey & Ant Man)


This Spider-Man is now part of the MCU and coming off a very popular reveal in Civil War and it’s seen as Marvel getting a fan favourite character back. It’s basically a licence to print money. If it was a stand alone Sony film then yeah another reboot would be greeted with a shrug (like the forthcoming Venom film).

Plus he has more character recognition then someone like Doctor Strange which made just short of $700 million worldwide and has predicted opening weekend to put in with the highest earners of the year.


I liked Doctor Strange and Civil war…


Doctor Strange - paper thin story, Cumberplonk is annoying but absolutely stunning film to look at

Civil War - peak superheroes throwing shit and quipping at each other really, if you like that kinda shit (I do) you’ll love it


There’s a big Wonder Woman banner by Old Street and the only (and therefore most positive) quote on it is a 4 star rating from the Daily fucking Star calling it "the superhero movie of the year"

(Could’ve give a shit that it’s DC you fucking dweebs)


I think it’s more of an existential question than you’re giving it credit for


it is kind of ridiculous that theyve made such a hash of the new poster after these ones


civil war was basically avengers 3, and its better than avengers 2. better than gotg 2 as well i reckon. i havent seen dr strange, ive got it downloaded but just dont give a shit about it… i guess ill watch it before the spiderman film comes out but i thought id watch it before gotg 2 and just didnt so i probably never will


Sony expanding the Spider-Man Cinematic Universe with Black Cat & Silver Sable.