Marvel Films Thread

MCU Spider-Man films don’t really feel like the Peter Parker I loved from the comics. First two Raimi’s still easily the best for me (Spiderverse different beast entirely).

One of the main things about him is the secret identity and that doesnt feel like it plays a part in the MCU at all.


I liked the remark about how they’re studying Thor in their science classes. Wonder how the Abrahamic religions are holding up in a world where a literal ancient Norse god has come to life.

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There’s an easter egg in the first one about that as well :smiley:


Heh class!

Always enjoyed that Cap is supposedly a Christian in the comics. Mates with Thor, battled aliens from all over this universe and others, met demons, fucking died and came back to life; still a Christian. It rarely gets brought up, but it’s canon.


Yup - this is what I was trying to convey. This version has to fit in with the MCU (and I can understand why they didn’t want to re-tell Spidey’s origin) so while it’s enjoyable for what we are delivered, claiming it to be the ‘closest ever onscreen version’ of the original character doesn’t ring true for me.

Big part of Daredevil’s character too. Although not really as relevant in the TV series because they kind of pretend the big cosmic stuff isn’t happening in the Netflix corner of the universe.

Makes sense though, someone must have created the Asgardians after all

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Watched a video that argues the case for some of the changes, the tech suits allow his suit eyes to be expressive so they don’t have to destroy his mask in the final act, the AI assistant give him someone to chat to so he can do the spider bants, so think on balance it is worth it. Would probably be better if it was a bit more DIY like he is trying to emulate tony stark with a couple raspberry pi-s


Watched far from home, was alright but wasn’t that into the mysterio stuff

Found the action and effects in Far From Home really lightweight. I remember thinking the same for Homecoming. Something really intangible about Spider-Man in them.

The action in Marvel films is generally not very good

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Good response too

Meh, the eyes being expressive - can live with or without that myself ,never really bothered me.

I fail to see any ‘bants’ with the AI that measures up to the quips and inner thoughts of old though. One time I did smile was when Spidey said “Going up!” as he was trying to get inside the final hologram - that isn’t even that amusing, but it reminded me of how Spider-Man could be.

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What films are we wanting them to announce then?

Inckude real ones or whatever.

I want Doctor Strange 2 but like bug it out to the max. And maybe a West Coast Avengers movie.

Also, I’d take a Captain Britain film about Brexit with Tom Hardy as Brian Braddock. In the film he struggles tk get an erection and blames his neighbours.

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Thunderbolts would be very cool, but maybe works better as a TV show.

Young Avengers is my number one must have. They’ve already got Cassie Lang and she should be the right age post-endgame… And oooh look the Avengers have been decimated which gives them a reason to team up. Would have the original lineup be Cassie, Billy, Teddy, Kate and America (:black_heart::purple_heart::blue_heart::green_heart::yellow_heart::orange_heart::heart:). Leave Patriot for a sequel, and maybe switch Iron Lad for Riri Williams, who gets her own film first.

I want Ms Marvel damn it!


There’s been mention of that.

Wonder how they’ll do it though, given Inhumans aren’t a thing (Agents of SHIELD and the TV show don’t exist)