Marvellous mrs maisel

Amy Sherman-Palladino has a new TV series… is it any good?

Is this a new superhero thing

It’s probably full of daft hats knowing her.

Finished this series last night. Brilliant. Loved it. Warm and funny where necessary without being cheesy. The bloke that plays Lenny Bruce is a brilliant bit of casting. I’d never heard of
Rachel Brosnahan before but she simply shines the brightest. Overall really well cast with Tony Shalhoub and Kevin Pollak in supporting roles, the former gets some brilliant one liners.

One of the best I’ve seen this year. 9/10.


Just on episode seven now. Absolutely love it.

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New series available on Amazon now.

No spoilers please. I’ll save watching this over the Christmas period. I absolutely loved the first series.

Wanted to like this, but has the same issue as Gilmore Girls where every character is super witty and fast. They always have a reply ready.

Works fine in a self-aware show like Community, but can’t deal with it in shows like this where it’s supposed to be grounded in reality.

The TV loves it however so will probably end up seeing most of it regardless.

Got my GF into the first series this week. She’s started watching the episodes without me and has nearly finished it. I think she likes it more than I do!

Finished the second series. Saved it for the Christmas period and saw them all from Christmas Eve to Boxing Day.

Again, just a great fun watch. Being over critical perhaps not as razor sharp as the first series. But I’ll forgive that as there was less emphasis on her actual stand up material and they fleshed out the supporting characters very well. Looking forward to the third series.

The Christmas period is now over for me.

Just finished watching this, it’s been really good.

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Finally, it’s back!

The reviews are average but reality looking forward to this nonetheless.

And at least they’ve established an endpoint now

The first episode of the new series was great familiar fun. The usual punchy quick delivery and I really enjoyed the intentional farcical scene at Coney.

I’ll watch something else instead of the second episode to give me something to looking forward to during next week.