Marx, Engels, Lucifer! is seeking a London based guitar player

Marx, Engels, Lucifer!!! is an instrumental project that aims to blend electronics, industrial, psychedelic rock and doom metal. Unlike conventional metal bands the use of electronics is brought to the foreground to share space with the heavy guitars and bass combined with sampled and programmed rhythms. As a guiding principle our compositions must sound crushingly heavy and can only have a slow or mid tempo pace. Within these parameters there is plenty of room for creative and varied sonics.

For the time being, rehearsals will be held at Vasco’s flat in Camberwell, South London until a dedicated rehearsal space is found.

The bass player role is already taken. Currently the project is looking for a guitar player to complete the line up. We’re looking for someone with a good sense of rhythm, who can learn by ear already recorded guitar parts, who likes to play really heavy riffs and some psychedelic textures.

You can check the band’s profile on Bandmix and hear the recorded material

Influences: Godflesh, Earth, Sunn 0))), Black Sabbath, Swans, Pink Floyd, Faust, Electric Wizard, Suicide, Spacemen 3, Acid Mothers Temple, Cabaret Voltaire

Vasco - keyboards, programming, samples, FX
Francesco - bass

Hi Vasco/Francesco,

Really like the sound of the band, however the bandmix link is not working, keen to hear any recordings.

My old band is quite different from the sound you guys are after, but here it is any who:



Hi Luke,

I suspect the Bandmix link didn’t work because I hidden the profile. I had found a guitarist that also lived in Camberwell, but unfortunately he broke his wrist in an accident, he’s not even sure whether he will be able to play properly again, so I need to be searching again.

Your old band may sound different, but there’s an element of weirdness and trippiness that is common to what Marx, Engels, Lucifer!!! do. I had a listen to Henderson and is the kind of aural derangement that I tend to gravitate to.

Here’s some private SoundCloud links with a few Marx, Engels, Lucifer!!! songs.

If you like what you hear, I can send you one of the songs plus the isolated guitar parts. When you learn them you can come to my place and play them for me. How does that sound to you?