Mary Berry SLAMS Paul Hollywood in Bake Off DRAMA

NOT EVEN A GREAT BAKER, JUST A GREAT BREAD MAKER, like that machine theo’s got that he doesnt even use

what do you reckon to that tabloid style topic name, sean?


What’s a Paul Hollywood?

Bake news. Sad!


its a kind of breadmaker

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Crap show

you are

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oooooooooh you gonna take that Paul?

*in reply to the OP but fairly happy with where it’s ended up

gonna add this to the list of TKC’s oUtRaGeOuS opinions

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can we see the full list pls

Baking bad - Now that’s a tabloid headline


tinned food
twin peaks
likes emo

something about cemetry junction?

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I refute the emo bit

poor @elthamsmateowen

Gonna write a song about how it makes me feel


this is good

Nirvana are great but Smells Like Teen Spirit is their worst song.

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Really hung up on that aren’t you

Imagine Mary Berry physically slamming Paul Hollywood (in front of a sold out audience)

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