Masked Singer

I can’t stop posting sorry.

Anyone watching? Put your guesses in here

Jacket Potato - Jason Manford?

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Not watching this and have no idea what the programme is, but I think the masked singer is Gareth Gates.

Got to be in it to win it.

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Fappable knows who fawn is

Hasn’t Manford been a hedgehog before on this?

Yeah I was thinking that. Think he has.

Fawn - Emma Bunton?

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Given the calibre of past guests it’s only a matter of time before you’re right


Fappable thought Geri Halliwell

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I thought it looked like ray winston to me

Oh Jonathan thought so too

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Think Rhino is Charlie from Busted

Piece of Cake is 100% Lulu

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I said that. You weren’t even in the room when he was on. I’m getting the credit if it’s correct.

I know but I was sick of saying fappable said this fappable said that

Omfg :smiley:

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Can’t believe how close Jonathan Ross was

That must be the most expensive jacket potato I’ve ever seen

Think the judges have most of them now

Fawn = myleene klass
Rhino = Charlie Simpson
Jellyfish = Amber Riley
Phoenix = still dunno, people on Twitter reckon it’s Ricky Wilson?! He does sound a bit northern…

Definitely Ricky Wilson

Think fawn is one of the appleton sisters from all saints