Masking Tape Mega Thread

Frog tape green takes the paint off coving I find. Not keen on yellow as it is too low tack. Tried Duck, Scotch. Nothing is giving me the non paint removing satisfaction I require.

(Just came in here to post a thread about who has gone the longest without a mammal (non-human) seeing their genitals and found this forgotten in my drafts)

Don’t worry too much about this one.


I’ve never succesfully used any masking tape in a painting scenario - always end up with paint getting under the tape, or tape removing paint when it’s pulled off

have used it to get a nice straight line when applying silicone sealant though

Get some 3M masking tape. Fucking excellent stuff. Used it for all our skirting boards recently and it was perfect.

Or, maybe, your technique is shit.

Hey, that’s not just my technique that you are slagging off but that of my wife too.

Here we go.

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Maybe your technique AND your wife’s technique is shit?

If you’re not using gorilla tape you’re probably a dickhead

use yellow. I’m in the middle of decorating. make sure you give it a good press along the paint side and it’ll stay up and avoid paint bleeding under. remove it when the paint it still wet.

It’s brave to confess you can’t use frog tape properly. Good on you!

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Use Duck Tape a lot at work. Makes a real gummy mess of your scissors. How are you actually supposed to cut it?

pizza wheel


I’ll fight all of you. One at a time. But all of you.

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  • Duck tape
  • Duct tape
  • Either
  • Both

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Start with someone else first.

One is a brand, one is a type of tape/


Used to drive an engineer friend of mine nuts when you’d call if Duct Tape


I just tear it. I have been using a gold version of the tape recently and I love it.


Devo 1st draft lyrics etc

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I didn’t realise you could do that! Thanks for the clarification. I always assumed it was too strong to tear it