Masking Tape Mega Thread

If you’re spraypainting in the home (and you should be, it’s a cool thing to do), then use an ABUNDANCE of masking tape. When you think you’ve used enough, triple that amount. It gets everywhere.

Was originally called Duck Tape

Oi, no professionals!

Either’s fine

Might want to wear one of those Michael Jackson pollution masks as well.

This - yellow Frog tape is decent. The fact it is low tack means it won’t remove paint or plaster underneath.

Although i freestlye with an angled brush these days as I can’t be arsed taping everything, just be careful first time and you won’t need tape in most cases

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I missed @jont2001’s post amongst all the pathetic insults. Yellow is ok but if you do a long stretch I worry about its reliability.

Name me ONE pathetic insult in this thread, you torque

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How long? We’ve deployed it in lengths of 2-3m and it’s fine, have also been known to turn it round and reuse it in other areas and it still sticks fine

To be honest with you Paul, I haven’t used it in this round of decorating, probably last used it 3 years ago and may have come on leaps and bounds since them (personally that is). I will try a package when we finally get round to the lounge.

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Shut your festering gob!

It’s the coving that is the most susceptible to paint coming off and you are fortunate enough not to have any there.

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I recently painted my living room wall a dark blue and this caused major, major masking tape arguments.

I think masking tape is shit and bleeds. I’ve tried so many different ones and they all bleed.
Also the people before us had done terribly wobbly lines so even if i did masking tape up, when I removed the masking tape, there would still be wobbles of the beige paint on the white skirting boards (and the top one but I forget what that is called).

Bf thinks masking tape works so literally forced me to tape up the whole room…


Coving. Please read the entire thread again making note of all the uses of coving within.

Only you said coving.

Thank you for joining me in using coving,. It’s all I really wanted.

(I’m with your boyfriend on this one by the way. Must have tape!)

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He’s also way too particular about covering everything up and making sure there isn’t a mess.
Just go for it! Whats the worst that can happen!

Well…once you try the fancy stuff you can tell the difference, but must have used about 10 rolls of the cheap stuff when doing the house up. Got to be cheap and low tack and leave to dry long enough. Like the duck stuff, that was pretty good. All a bit of a lottery though but also in the angle of tearing it off. Stay safe out there

Is it coving, or a cornice?

There’s a difference between the two (the latter is profiled, the former is plain).