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every time i look at the shopping list on my phone in the supermarket and realise I need to move to a different section:


Not bane himself but south parks

Mobile Armored Strike Kommand



People complaining about masks

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Scott and T-Bob were so annoying.

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my sunglasses getting foggy is a minor annoyance

Tuck the top of your mask under the bottom of them, no more fogging.

that would imply that I normally tuck my sunnies into my mask, which seems backwards? I’m wearing one of those disposable blue/white ones they give away for free at the station

No, normally they sit with a little gap, just pull the mask up slightly under the glasses, been working brilliantly for me at work.

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thanks, will report back when I’m on the train later unless the sun is not out

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Plain medical style ones - lil creepy
All other styles on an attrative - lil appealing