Mass Effect: Legendary Edition

Took me five minutes to work out how to holster my weapon

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I love Keith David


My copy arrives tomorrow!
That said, my next chunk of realistic gaming time is half term. Still I’m stoked.

It’s on my computer and yet I cannot play it. Truly modern life is the real narratively-driven sci-fi adventure.

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Port it to Switch, cowards.


I’ve only played 2 so I don’t have any nostalgia for 1 and wish they had updated the menus for it. Not 100% sure what is going on with equipment and levelling up.

Also, cutscenes can’t be paused? Maybe going to dashboard pauses them, will have to try.

It looks great though.

I thought I’d try playing on hard and I think that might have been a bad idea…

all of your collective hours for a choice between different coloured explosions

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I’m very tempted to get a PS5 or Xbox wotsit to play this. Enjoy your space adventures!

Very giddy to start playing this tomorrow. Feels a bit daft to put something like Returnal to the side for it, but, you know, Garrus and co are calling to me!


Have called my female Shepard Jabatha

Oooh, I did 2 and 3 on my ps3 and it was bloody brilliant. Will genuinely toy with buying a console I can’t afford for this

I was the most guileless player on this game, CBA’d all the telekinetic whatever skills and just ran around with an assault rifle like a prick getting scared at 1am

Never played these games and know very little about them except all the comments on Twitter saying how good they are.

However, realistically I can only attempt to play this new version on a PC considered a little underpowered. What are people’s thoughts on that? I guess I mean is it mainly about being very good at fighting or is it prioritising story and stuff so that I can sort of get by being a bit shit?

What are your pc specs compared to the minimum / recommneded?

Do you mean get by with the pc being a bit shit, or yourself? :grinning:

If it’s the latter, then the combat is not exceedingly tricky or dexterous. If you’ve played Botw it would be fine

Edit: there is a lot of story for a western space game!

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Can’t you just buy the old versions if you’re worried about now being able to run these ones?

I loved the 3 original mass effect games.

Is there much hope of the series getting good again? I know the 4th one was meant to be awful so I never played it.

It wasn’t awful, it just wasn’t as good as the rest of them.

But of both. In the old days 20 years ago being underpowered meant you’d probably have to sacrifice graphics for playability in the big bits and I’m okay with that.

But maybe these days you just suck up 10 fps? :confused:

Obviously yeah done BOTW but this would be PC + Mouse. Done okay with those in the past but that’s more like 15 years ago so I am gonna be a bit out of practice and, in any case, I remember that while I got through the original Call of Duty, Medal of Honour was too hard for me (for example).


@lastdino it’s a fair point but it sounds like they’ve done a lot in this new version to smooth out play issues etc that were in the original. But yeah I will check

I never got past the first few hours. Space suddoku… shudder.

Would be kicking myself if it picked up and became a great game but that opening felt so… empty. Wasn’t sure why I was supposed to care.