Mass Member Demotion



Thanks to everyone editing titles so much, the majority of us who are regulars are being demoted to members again.

Here’s the discussion on Discourse in case you missed it:

Any regulars may want to post one last time in the Lounge while they still can, and to set their Regular OOO as they won’t have access to DiSmail as Members again.

I’ll miss the table football table and the pool table the most I think. I liked the fact that the dart board was there, but never used it.

Please note that you will no longer be able to upgrade to Club Class for BA flights once this change kicks in.

Play us out Shamir


Did anyone ask for the football/pet sections? What’s wrong with having it all in social? The big mix of everything in social is part of the fun, and it’s more practical for seeing everything surely.


those guys editing titles are the worst bastards.


Oh darling, you had me at “mass member”


I used my super powers for good, not evil :frowning: Correcting the Record Collection title back to Record Collection from Nuts Collection was my finest hour because that edit was painfully unfunny.


Looks like you survived the cull


member LOL


woah those discourse meta guys seem like a right bunch of neocons.

TL3 should be hard. Here we have only ~30 TL3 users in a 23k user base with 1.6k active.

You have 153 TL3 with 850 active users (17%), maybe raise reqs a bit.

30 regulars out of 23k ??

that is so neocon. AND now they’ve brainwashed sean out of his socialist messageboard utopia and made him join the alt-right :frowning:


Looks like they’re subsections, so when you go to social they still appear by default anyway.




hope those title editors feel ashamed of themselves


the fuck?


you know what, @ttf?

you see these kids… wandering around with no Arcade board, no Amusement Parks board, no Green Public Space boards, with the games consoles in the provided Lounge area locked away after some kids from some other board came in and spilt juice all over the white upholstery and carpets…

and they see these cool, role model type DiSers with… unlimited powers, changing Society at will.

this was always going to happen.


oh ffs i’ve been demoted

I corrected one’s spelling a while back! that was a GOOD THING YOU PRICKS


WAIT this is @ericthefourth’s fault?

You bastard! BOO URNS.


Dunno why people get so pissy about it. Not like “monday football thread” is edited to “all canadians are cunts” or whatever. Easy enough to find what you’ve already posted in. It’s a chat forum not the inland revenue.



Which itself had its name changed by vandals to HM Revenue & Customs.


Member is another word for penis.


What’s your favourite word for one? I quite like “todger”