Massage thread πŸ’† πŸ‘‚ πŸ™Œ 🀰🐱


Are you into them? What kind of massages? Got any tips? Do you get them professional? Do you do yourself? What do you like? Do you use any oils/bars? Do you use any other things?

I like head massages a lot, especially behind the ears
sometimes just having someone play with your hair is like a massage
ear massages are great if done well
I really like having my spine gently stroked but not that bothered about a full back massage
love a foot massage/having my feet tickled/toes licked
big fan of gently dragging my nails on the underside of my arm
love rubbing my face on the cat’s belly

keep it clean thanks


i like to, and am good at, massage. but for some reason i borderline HATE being massaged myself.

got some mega good new oil actually it smells kind of orange blossomy


you don’t like any massages? I’m obsessed


genuinely find it almost impossible to relax. when i give massage i relax totally, weirdly.


Massage from someone you’re intimate with = :+1:
Massage from someone you don’t know = :frowning::tired_face::-1::woman_shrugging:

Pretty much have to grit my teeth at the hairdressers when they do that head rub thing.


I like a belly rub after I eat a burrito


that’s pretty much the only reason I go to a hairdressers instead of cutting my own hair tbh


Ok you can have all of mine


I am obsessed. Especially head rubs, If anyone even just touches my head I instantly pass out :sleeping:

I’m quite demanding tho, and because of this no one will go near me :scream:


yeah I have ways of tricking people into it :sushing_face:


love all of this stuff
nothing fazes me


Never had one but I love hugs and things so probably would be really nice. Not that keen on going to a stranger for it though.


Could really use a decent shoulder/neck area massage right now. Similarly to others here I don’t think I would like a stranger doing it, so I will just put up with the uncomfortable tenseness in that area.


Dont think ive ever had a proper one and like the idea of em but think i’d probably hate it in practice. Dont really like people touching me :disappointed:


feels like a compilation i can do without


One of my old jobs had a massage as part of it every week and despite being allowed to leave the office for 45 minutes I still chickened out last minute every time. So no :sweat_smile: I like hand massages though, and can do those myself :raised_hands:t5:


Had pro ones a couple of times - ended up falling asleep and drooling on the pillow both times.



Used to get physio/sports massage when I trained seriously. Hurt like hell during, but felt amazing after. Really want to get a full body adjustment by a chiropractor (apologies if chiro talk is prohibited), even though its total quackery.


My sister has a proper expensive massage chair. First time I used it was amazing, second time made me feel terrible. So dunno about them.


Had two back massages in a health spa place. Really enjoyed them. But the strange thing was before I was put into a enclosed floaty thing that wrapped itself around you. And part of me got very claustrophobic and I could only just stand it.

Can’t remember why, I think to help relax the muscles?