Massive Attack - Mezzanine XXI

It’s one of my favourite albums. Can’t imagine it’s much cop live though, even back then.

Jesus. I went to watch the original tour. Soon be dead


It was brilliant


Saw them on the original tour. They were fantastic (even though mushroom was basically just standing at the side of the stage, looking bored out of his mind)


So wrong mate. Even better live than the record. Tracks like Group Four and and Inertia Creeps are absolutely fierce live. Saw them on the original tour as well.

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What’s the setup for it? Instrumentation wise.

Sheffield arena show on the original tour for me. Got that stoned I missed my train and had to get a taxi back to Huddersfield

Was the London date of original tour at the London (Docklands) Arena? I went to that and had forgotten that venue had existed until now. Was a great gig if I remember rightly

They’ve had a full live band for years now, probably since just before the original mezzanine tour I think.

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Good. That’ll do.

If you get a chance to see them I’d highly recommend it…

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Saw them play a lot of it when they were touring 100th Window. It was fucking amazing.

I am definitely up for this. With Elizabeth Fraser too!

Yup, full band. Group 4 got extended out and was seriously intense. Just got faster and faster and faster. Amazing.

Saw massive attack two years ago (maybe 3?), supported by Young Fathers.

They were still excellent live (although Young Fathers were even better tbf)


Saw them at the auspicious surrounds of V99 back then and the Mezzanine stuff was amazing - proper droning guitar attack :+1:

Saw them in 2007, just checked the setlist and turns out I saw most of Mezzanine then:

Was a very good gig.

Nearest venue to me is Padua and that’s an eleven hour drive, so I’ll pass on this. Would like to see them again someday though.

I too have seen massive attack live


Alright FINE I’m in.

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£124 a ticket