Massive boobs!


I got sent a new bank card at the weekend because apparently my existing one was compromised or something.

I duely chopped up my card and put the new one in my wallet.

Today I realised it was a new joint account card they sent me and I destroyed my personal account card.

What massive boobs have you made recently?


I wasn’t expecting this when I opened this thread!


With an avatar like that I’m not surprised.


Do you want to know where I got it from?


On that point, surely its a massive potential issue for browsing at work, if people are allowed to post pictures in posts?


Yes. Covered elsewhere but basically Discourse claim no one’s ever asked to prevent all images in posts before and there’s no real way to stop this. You can flag posts to be grabbed by mods. They seem to be unaware people like Foley exist, tbh.


I’m not sure. Do I?

(I just presumed it was you being silly in the sun, tbh.)



I thought about how I would like to be known/portrayed on this new board and the conclusion I came to was that I’d like to be known as “A cool guy” so I Googled ‘Cool Guy’ and he seemed like the coolest guy so I used the picture as my avatar here.

I don’t think I’ll keep it but I’m not really sure what to change it to


maybe change it to a regen character face?


That Asian chap Balonz keeps comparing you to?


He needs someone who says ‘Street Smarts’


Haha, good. Sick of all the office workers dictating the rules on here.


I guess that might make him happy


Why would you want to do that, though?


Some of us actually enjoy to make other posters happy Theodore


This is Balonz, though.




“forum must appear safe for work”


Fuck’s sake, took a cracking pic of my chebs and then found out I can’t post pictures yet. (Didn’t read the OP)