Massive thunderstorm thread

Boom! I’m in London and there’s a massive apocalyptic thunderstorm going on. I took a picture of it as I walked back to my hotel.

That’s about it really. I don’t know whether this thread has legs after tonight. Maybe others amongst you have been taking pictures…


I have seen some rain and some lightning also.

I didn’t take any pics but a massive one rumbled through here (East midlands) about an hour ago.

It were amazing. Rolled by and tgere were flashes of lightning every couple of seconds for like an hour

I’m always massively jealous when people get a thunderstorm and I don’t. A big thunderstorm is better than most things.


That was brilliant. Spent an hour lying in bed listening to it and hearing the storm move over Cork. It was so LOUD! As good as any metal gig.


Such a good thunderstorm! It woke me up and it was so loud! I watched it out of the window for a bit but didn’t take any photos. The rain and hail was so heavy that it sounded like it was inside the house.

this is a great photograph, you should have tried to sell it to the local news or something.

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Thank you! I used advanced photographic techniques *.

  • pointed the phone at the sky and pressed the button a hundred times or so, and hoped that one would have lightning in it.