Massive Tory parents

I don’t have these. I always found them a bit terrifying when I’d visit friends houses as a kid, and the feeling of impending doom that I was definitely going to get into trouble about something.

Why is all the furniture new and matching? Am I allowed to sit here? Oh god I’ve said the wrong thing.


My dad is a Tory but he’s only 5’ 9”


My Dad is one of those ones that probably hasn’t ever voted Tory but instead voted for the likes of “The Referendum Party”

that’d be bad
thanks for ringing mum hey why do you want to kill the vulnerable so much


Lefty mum. Centrist dad


Given how much of the 90s Tory rhetoric was aimed at single parents I can’t imagine any circumstances in which my Mum would vote Tory. She’s probably left-leaning centre now in that she’s usually on the correct side of any social debate but has that old person paranoia about anything that seems too much like radical change.


My parents voted SDP in the 80s, and I guess that probably sums up where they both still are.

Having worked for local authorities for most of their lives, I think that there’s scope for them to drift a little further left, but the only place they get their news is the BBC TV news, so it probably won’t happen.

A few people I knew growing up had them though, although I didn’t know at the time that that’s what they were. Just found it weird that they had a separate dining room and their kids knew what salopettes were.

Alright Morrissey


mum: primary school teacher
dad: something for the county council

edit: so not tories, and very much both remain voters too

my dad is definitely a centrist dad type, my main concern is that he really likes his spectator subscription, need to swap it out with something else

My parents are massive leftys so I’m all good.

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I didn’t really know what a Tory was at the time, but I vividly remember my Dad answering the door to a canvasser once who said “Hello, I’m your local Tory candidate” and my Dad saying “Yes, I know you fucking are” and my interest was piqued.


My parents had a separate dining room (i think quite a few of the kids I went to school with did) but i still don’t know what a salopette is


Get him a Tribune subscription, maybe?

Growing up in the part of South Wales I did in the 80s meant that no-one’s parents were Tory parents. Or at least not outwardly anyway, because you’d be shunned.

My mum’s one of those lefties who doesn’t realise they’re a lefty so votes Lib Dem because they’re ‘sensible’. When actually questioned on her views though they basically line up with most people on here.

My dad has become increasingly right wing as he’s gotten older, but mainly just fiscally because he’s moved away from near poverty as a youngster through to being comfortably middle class and doesn’t want anyone to rock the boat in case it impacts on his pension pot. Thought Brexit was shit, isn’t bothered by people’s sexuality or race etc so probably your archetypal centrist dad really.

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Hi @anon24576931 welcome to my house :grimacing:

managed to get my mum away from voting Tory since 2015 as she’s finally informed herself about politics and the impact of their policies. her view of Keir Starmer…? “Sensible”

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A lot of immaculate carpets, and three piece suites, and the tv on a special cabinet? Those kind of houses always made me feel very nervous as a kid. I was sure I was going to spill something or do something else forbidden.

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There’s a room you’re not allowed in? What the actual


2/3 - the TV is mounted on a flexible arm on the wall but yes to the other two. The sofas were what you really had to look out for. God forbid if you sit on a sofa with wet hair. Accidents do not happen, if you do something accidentally it’s a Chernobyl level disaster. You’re not wrong to be on edge around them (and they’re definitely on edge around you).

Even Pumpkin isn’t allowed near the sofa, although he really wants to explore it :pleading_face:


My dad is/was a massive Tory. Used to be secretary of the local party etc etc :grimacing:

He has pretty obnoxious views about a lot of things but loathes Johnson - but I think that’s mainly a decorum, lying and looking messy kind of thing. He is very much a “meritocratic” and “hard work” kind of person.

When my parents separated my mum put up a libdem poster in the window as a small act of passive aggression