Massive Tory parents

the paintings are the locations of the bodies.

It works as a hyperlink, if not an embed, so it’s fine.

I would not want to see a video of this one…

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Yeah I wanted it to embed though! If only there was a “practice facility” so I didn’t have to spam my attempts at embedding…

(Or that I was able to edit my posts! :angry:)

Fairly sure in 2017 all 4 members of my immediate family voted for different parties. Not sure what that says…

the screwdriver one is great (big fan of this channel)

I think that maybe the ability to embed and edit posts might be something that is ‘unlocked’ after a while (to stop spammers from hitting the site).

Not sure though. @moderators?

that sounds right mate, like my editing issue, i’m sure…

thanks :slight_smile:

I love this teapot, the patterning is amazing

You seem a nice enough addition to the boards. Welcome to some additional privileges (they come after a bit of time automatically anyway)


I have been spending a lot of time watching all sorts of guitar builds recently - everything from your Fender Custom Shop IGTV to building guitars in concrete

I built a GUITAR out of CONCRETE. How does it SOUND?! - YouTube

to super intricate 3D printing

fun fun fun

The only reason I keep Instagram is because there’s so much good guitar stuff on it. Favourite accounts are

  • blakajaguitars (Swedish builder)
  • clfresearch (experimental wing of G&L guitars)
  • harvester_guitars (Australian builder of beautiful one-offs)

Not so much into what you posted but have read about stuff like that over the years. God I love guitars.

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Have you seen burt’s stuff it isn’t groundbreaking but, I find it very soothing

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This is actually a tip that Timbaland relies on, based on the fact that he reckons most listeners are listening on their headphones nowadays, so mix mainly to that and then listen in other spaces to check that it doesn’t fall apart completely once you get it into the air

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You’d like the Repair Shop

The Repair Shop is very wholesome but I spend the whole thing wondering if they charge lots for their (admittedly expert) restorations.

I assumed it was free/the production company pays for it

You’re right!
I’m very pleased.

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Just when you think it can’t get lovelier :heart_eyes::sob: