Massive Tory parents

Was just about to say that. Delightful programme.

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Yeah I was thinking like Bob Ross, but could be people making anything- furniture, ceramics, clothes, cake decorating, whatever

can’t watch bob ross without thinking about his former life as an army drill instructor.

something really sinister about him I can’t put my finger on either.

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So you think all the happy little birds are actually souls he’s stolen?

A couple of months ago I went through a phase of watching YouTube videos of people doing up crap cars. I don’t even own a car, nor do I want one, and these videos weren’t like ‘Pimp My Ride’ or anything, they were just quiet scenes of a man with a dadbod cleaning up an old estate car with the aim of it being a runaround for the family.

There’s something really satisfying and inspiring about watching competent people take their time over something and make something worthwhile.


I like those ones of people making Chinese teapots where the clay looks like leather or fabric when they work it.

the people turning transit vans into lovely camper vans are pretty good. Get on it!

(then there’s the truly ridiculous ones, like some guy in the jungle hand digging a luxury swimming pool, with changing rooms and seating and stuff, right out of the ground…)

I watched all 18 minutes of this in rapt silence

yeah i mean. i don’t think i ever saw it growing up. but i’m in quite fancy circles these days (unfortunately, actually) and it seems to be a normal thing. not against it actually. it is nice looking at other people’s places. only annoying thing is like, does that mean i have to tidy up the other rooms in case people go in there. yes i do.

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No shame, everyone has their vices


Oh well that gives me hope that I can achieve something then.

I’m a member of a guitar forum specifically because of this. The restoration threads are stunning.

Case in point:



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argh, how to embed?? I hyperlinked it?!

Press enter after the link

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Are your mum and my dad the same person?

[60 Days Build Millionaire Underground Swimming Pool House - YouTube]

(60 Days Build Millionaire Underground Swimming Pool House - YouTube)

noooooo! I give up!