Master bakers

I’m participating in our office bake off. Each week someone brings in a baked thing and it’s scored and rates by the office.

I’m actually the defending champion after making a Christmas stollen last year.

However, this year I’m completely lacking in ideas and so need some inspiration for something that looks and tastes great but is relatively straight forward. Thanks! X

Upside down pear cake?

I planned on entering our work bake off with a pina colada style cup cake - sponge cakes with shredded pineapple through them iced with butter icing full of dessicated coconut. You could possibly add some yellow and green colouring to the relevant parts.

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sounds good!

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And you call these homemade although they are clearly Greggs

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Will have a look through my recipes later and will see if I can find a winner.

a true champion would never ask for help, shocking behaviour


Master what? Oh, right…

Brownies with chocolate bars baked into them. Easy, taste amazing, look really cool and always go down a treat

That’s a good shout. Brownies with a layer of salted caramel always goes down well.

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My boss made pretty much this a few weeks ago - home made salted caramel as well the showoff.

Posted this half an hour ago and not one of you (not one) has replied ‘Bless you’

This is my fail safe show stopper that requires very little actual skill but always gets a good reaction. Three chocolate sponges then make a vat of chocolate buttercream (I make with mascarpone for added luxury) cover up the mess round the outside with matchmakers then whack a ton of smarties on top.


Holy fuck that looks amazing!

Woah, that looks good!

One of the easiest cakes I’ve baked, honestly (takes a bit of time to decorate however and you need to buy about 8 tubes of smarties)

We have a winner :star_struck::heart:


Not sure I actually have a recipe for this one - I tend to make it up as I go along - the best I can do is:

  1. google a chocolate sponge recipe and make enough to fill 3 small sandwich tins - bake at 180.
  2. bung some butter(salted), cocoa and mascapone in a bowl and mix (1:1:1 ratio? - I tend to keep adding stuff till it tastes ok)
  3. layer the sponge and icing and cover the sides and top
  4. cover the outside with matchsticks (you need 2 boxes)
  5. add the smarties, start with 1 smartie in the dead centre of the sponge and work your way outwards

Et voila!

This is literally how I bake and explains how the outcome own 50% genius and 50 % disaster