Master of None S2

Out on Netflix today apparently. Anyone care?

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Didn’t even make it through the first half of the first series.


Found the first one proper boring mate

Let’s be friends.

yes, absolutely loved the first series.


Loved season 1, might start S2 tonight


I will watch it and I think it will be good but it will remind me of Harris Wittels being dead and that will make me sad.


You’d have to be a right ms brown boys, on the nose, sexist racist comedy loving wanker to not enjoy this show tbh

(glad I could alert you to it being out though @aggpass)

ok, but you also have to think Rick & Morty and that Always in Philidelphia thing are also a bit shit.

as a bridge between the extreme opinions expressed so far, I found the first series good


Let’s be mortal enemies.

I liked the first one, mostly because Aziz Ansari is likeable.

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He is EXTREMELY likeable isn’t he. the nashville episode was guff though.

(we called it ‘Gashville’ hahaha)

I really liked the first series, and it introduced me to those PARO seals. Now all my plushie seals (all two of them) are called Paro.

Also Noël Wells is completely gorgeous.


ok, which one swung it? Not both, surely not both.

It’s both. I initially thought that both were shit but then I watched some more and it turns out that they are not, in fact, shit.

They’re both just really shouty.

Mortal enemies it is.

Please leave this thread, thanks


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