Master of None S2

Goes without saying, mate.

You know what’s the grandaddy of sitcoms that have people screeching at each other as a substitute for actual humour? That one that I’ve forgotten the name of with Zooey Bechemal.

Likeable man, kind of annoying performer sometimes?

take this to the sitcom/shitcom thread, lads

I think I did this bit there too, tbf.

I think I actually erased that episode from my memory it was a bit of a mistep.

I am very much looking forward to this.


You do a very decent Rick and Morty impression, it has to be said.

Gunna throw this out there.

Not a fan of a series released in one hit. Absolutely loving the building tension between Better Call Saul episodes atm, obviously just gunna blast all of Master of None on a lazy Sunday


@meowington also mentioned being excited.



especially with so much travel I want to cram when I can

never heard it called etc.

Works for some things but you’re right. It’s bad for dramas IMO.

It’s also bad for Orange is the New Black because it’s not really good enough to justify a big binge but you don’t want to get spoiled so binge anyway.

makes it hard to have a good thread about it too

I literally wanna run home and watch it all.


Very true. It’s just one of the many challenges we’ll face as a community that will make us stronger though.

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Maybe we can agree certain dates on which we’re allowed to discuss each episode

You’ll have to run it by the powers that be, friend. I don’t think it’s in either of our respective jurisdictions

@system can you look into this please

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I liked when he kept singing “Nashville Date, Nashville Date” though

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