Master of None S2

Used up a lot of likes it this thread, that’s cos I really like it.

Felt obliged to like this given Paro is my avatar.

Watched the first two already as have the day off. They’re great and make me want to go to Italy so bad. The script in this show is brilliant, feel like it really nails modern relationships/ dating and manages to perfectly blend more understated humour with farcical stuff.

“To quote Albus Dumbledore from Harry Potter & The Goblet of Fire…” really did me.


Watched all these the other day, was alright. Bit samey.

Melon’s for good boys


It’s a good start

Oooo, thanks for the heads up.

Does it get funny in the second season?


Big fan of Eric Wareheim’s awesome shorts and Ryan Paris in the second episode:


Like fuck did he learn Italian to that level in three months

Would quite like to go to Italy now though

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Going to Whole Foods can I pick you anything up?


allora, that was -oh wait, i don’t want to sully the Master of None S2 thread with actual discussion of Master of None S2


Just got to the New York I Love You episode. Absolutely stunning :heart:


Thought this episode was fucking shite. Proper shit. Worst acting ever. So fucking shit. Shit.

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100% disagree - loved it!

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Can someone explain to me what the idea is here? I don’t understand why it would work as an opening line?

This show is strange. When I watched the first season I was convinced by ep. 3 that it was rubbish and would never live up to my expectations. But by the end it had become one of my favourite shows ever. Part of that was that the relationship felt like the first time I’d ever seen anything on tv that actually resembled my own relationship, and part of it was learning to appreciate the weird hyper-realism of the dialogue, with people actually having conversations that they would have in real life, full of wooden acting.

I’m four episodes in to this one and not sure how I feel. I still really enjoy watching it, and certain bits crack me up (his dad is always brilliant) but nothing feels as brilliant as the latter half of the first season yet. Certain bits really remind me of The Trip.

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Couldn’t see the point in that John Legend cameo in The Dinner Party episode…


Got most of the way through this over the weekend, its still very good but the level of acting still keeps it from being great IM honest O which is a shame as everything else about it is really a bit special.

It also makes me feel very old.

Not enjoying this lot as much as last season, it’s a bit more far-fetched (Dev somehow gets a job in a shop run by an old woman, learns Italian super quickly, goes to a party with John Legend, becomes a minor TV personality etc.)

My favourite thing about it is the realistic depiction of families, relationships and general modern life so I’ve liked the first dates episode and the thanksgiving one best up to now.


(Apparently he did really become fluent in Italian in a matter of weeks fwiw)

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