Masterchef 2018

Here we go! @profk’s sister apparently making an appearance in the early rounds, so one to keep any eye on.

AOB? This is an inclusive thread, so chat about all masterchef formats, domestic and international, welcomed.

Hang on a minute! My TV guide says it’s not on tonight? :angry:

radio times says it is

9pm. BBC one


le chefoi

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Oh, I was looking at the wrong bit. As you were.


Nine, nice. Bit worried MrS is going to try and push the walking dead on me at that time though…

Was expecting it to be on at 8pm, innit.

Can’t wait for beat interrupted by cork being pulled out of wine bottle Masterchef.


Rookie mistake

Knife slicing to the beat


oven door close :man_facepalming:

How long before the John first shows his utter contempt for Gregg? Reckon about 3 minutes

Think #portgate was the final straw last season.

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How long before the first ‘it’s a lovely, lovely thing’? I’m going with 15 min.

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giovanna is back as a guest judge :heart_eyes:

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What? The Professor’s sister is on it? Really? Snazzy!

Watching some Ozzie Masterchef to tide me over but they’re talking about mouthfeel :frowning_face_with_open_mouth: