Masterchef 2019

Starts tonight! 9pm BBC1

Who’s in?

  • I’m in!
  • I wandered in here by mistake

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Ah man, i’m gutted

Watch online?

Even if i could vpn or whatever, the internet here is diabolical

Sad times. Oh well catch up when you’re home.

Hope there’s some really good shit ones, and it’s about time somebody dropped something expensive in a restaurant kitchen.

I’m going to be cooking this chicken recipe tonight to celebrate.

According to Radio Times:

‘There are some experimental flavour combinations that concern both the judges and a Danish-inspired cold dessert “soup” that Torode admits both intrigues and unnerves him’

That sounds disgusting. I hope the soup is bacon-themed.

Yes! Flaming love Masterchef.

I’m IN, but not until Thursday.
I actually have a social life this week.

Livid i’m missing masterchef

Oh this isnt the evening thread

I get told that I look like Gregg Wallace an alarming amount. I could upload some photos of me making increasingly weird facial expressions.

It would be almost as good as watching the real thing.

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Ooh la di da! (enjoy)

Oh wait it’s not past 9pm, I’m still in!

Can’t believe we don’t have profk’s sister to root for

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here. we. go.

An awful lot of fake smiles there

Tim looks like Kip from Napoleon Dynamite


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Surely you would have done recipes ready in your head?!

no-one else think it was on at 8 and get confused by a lack of Masterchef when they turned on the telly at 8.01? no? ok then.

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