Masterchef 2019

oh and he’s ‘never eaten a ready meal’

hate him already


No because I said 9pm in the OP :wink:

:disappointed_relieved: (is it usually on this late? i swear it’s usually 8)

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Oooft that soufflé

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Ok, I’m watching.

Souffle, Tarte tatin, fondant potato. Covering all the MC bases.

Not sure about Gregg’s new glasses though.

people really love pointless micro herbs don’t they.

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Just seen those from last year and remembered how boring that series was :nauseated_face:

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Find it weird how many young people refer to the fact that they’re young now

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What is young though? I’d say to be on MC then, under 24?

NAWAMIN! the boy


I totally don’t remember the winner, but then my friend said he was the one who kept going on about Churchill and saluted a plane flying overhead and now i’m fuming.


Yeah he was a Tory banker

She likes a mustard cream, doesn’t she?

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also didn’t she say something about ‘i’ve got my new house now’. how is it impressive that you can cook if you own a house.

Am I going to sit here on my phone whilst this is on again like I did with Professionals and fail to become invested in it as a result and feel really unfulfilled?

I don’t get masterchef when it’s not the professionals. Why aren’t the contestants chefs?

surely the other way round is less interesting? well done, you can do the thing you are paid for for a living. way more fun watching some admin bod fuck up a panna cotta or something.


It started off as amateurs and was that way for years. The professionals is only a more recent thing.

yeah that bits really good. I just don’t get why they don’t get jobs as chefs if they’re into food enough to do it badly on tv.

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A lot of them go on to become chefs or other cooking professionals. Wahaca is founded by a previous winner. The whole point is that at this stage these people are just amateurs with potential.