Masterchef 2019


Imagine if one of them starts kicking off about no one doing the dishes and instead of doing their food for the judges they stand there with marigolds on washing all the dishes in the sink looking really hard done by


Are you still in tax exile in Panama?


I can tell you that when I lived in the UK 8pm was indeed the normal sort of time.


I sort of get what @shyguy2013 means because cooking and stuff has become such a popular passtime that the contestants you see on the show now definitely blur the lines between being a professional and an amateur. I felt like when The Professionals first started I could see how much better they are whereas these days I only tend to notice their abilities in very specialised challenges or in how much less stressed the bigger tasks leave them.

I think one of the fun things about watching the first series of Aussie Masterchef when it appeared on freeview was how unsophisticated a lot of the food was.


Actually slightly wish people would shutup about food


Feel free to mute and not participate in this thread


I’m watching it, hence my vote in the poll at the top of the thread.

Try being less dour.


remember that time my sister was on masterchef


No you


Big fan of drunk lawyer woman.


Another reason why Tim is a twat:

He said that sometimes he’d rather be at home cooking than be at work. Just like fucking everybody else then.


Just catching up on this.
Soufflé right off the bat, fair play big man.




Wacky moustache alert!


‘I’ve never cooked fish before’ Phil. :scream::scream::scream:

Actually he’s lying, isn’t he?


I see they’re back to the mad scheduling


I hate Ashleigh already


@imaperv’s gonna be mad


Checked to see if it was on yesterday: not on. Assumed it was once a week. Can’t believe this.


The advert for today’s made all the food look good. Or did I dream it?