Masterchef 2020

Flatbread lady and aubergine man 2 win

It’s number 14 on your MasterChef bingo card

thin, boring and shit

“The 3 ingredients test”. Plus all the larder on that table. Not 3 ingredients then eh.

what’s with this apron shite

Three Sauce Pete rides into town once again

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BBC cost savings

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Pete is wild

Can’t be tamed

And bringing a bag of their own ingredients. It’s like ready steady cook. Just need Ainsley to pop out now.

three sauce pete

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Called it 8 mins ago!

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chill out, mystic meg

Those soufflé :rofl::rofl:

Look like scones ffs

:heart_eyes: :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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Glam af


apart from Delia

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campaign to give dev a piping bag.

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Of course teddy is cooking scallops. Of course he is.

2 chutneys pete