Masterchef 2020

was gonna reword it a bit cause it sounds like I’m putting down Leeds food scene, but I’m not it’s just…NOMA!

I liked the implication that there might be the odd restaurant in Leeds that thinks working for Noma’s not really all that.


Ooo, edited to only feature 3 of the 4 contestants. Whats happened there then? Nazi woodman?


I noticed it but, we were a bit busy did they say anything?

Nope. Mysterious.

Monica doesn’t like those ribbons

Oof poor Scott

Guilliame’s (?) food looks nicee

Give me that ganache!!!

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Ignore them Guilliame, they don’t know what they’re talking about

Sounds like whoever the other person was, was going anyway unless they’ve edited it and reshot maybe?

Imagine if they put Scott through

Mad they’ve got away with constantly mentioning an imaginary food (samphire) for so long.

Hard not to feel sorry for the really shit lad.

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