Masterchef 2022

It’s back!!

was thinking last week there’s a huge masterchef shaped hole in my life at the minute, absolutely pumped for this

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Lads and lassies…it’s on tonight!!

Expecting the usual suspects to be posting.

Me on a plate.
Sweet main course.
Savoury desserts.
Gregg creaming himself when someone mentions they have a family.
The contestants ‘journey’.
Something cooked 3 ways.
Raw meat.
Uncrispy skin.



Not sure I like all this jolly chatting between the contestants.


Really odd how they have the other ones on bar stools watching and commenting. Must be distracting for the ones cooking.


Well done to Eddie. Gregg is in dessert heaven

Jeez Pookie! You have a lucky husband!

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Vegetarian man ( missed his name) has absolutely nailed it!!

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Tuiles/crackers seem to big this year

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Right, who had deconstructed in the sweepstakes???

Not watching but my mate just texted to say that this guy looks like me

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He’s the vegetarian maestro

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So am I!

Not sure in a post-lockdown world I’ve got the time to watch Masterchef

Won’t be happy til someone offers a deconstructed tuile

“…Served with a tuile crumb…”

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lol i sent it to my old housemate too, handsome fellow

team pookie btw

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MasterChef 2 ways tonight