Masterchef Professionals (2021)

Starts 8th Nov. Might actually be bothered to watch this one. Maybe.

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This is the freaking optimum format of Masterchef


The best one, by far!

Hope they get to cook in some Michelin star restaurants this year. When Roux Jr was on it and that was the quarter finals was always my favourite bit.

Hope they still send marcus off to the secret viewing room to be completely terrifying.


From the trailer that is happening. He got quite close at some points of being Great British Menu Marcus last year. Hope it continues.

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This is an opinion that I share and therefore respect 100%

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Thank you for your respect, bozo

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Love it when they run out of classic dishes so in the first week they have to show they know what a tarte tatin or a prawn cocktail is, then by the end Monica expects them to rustle up a classic like โ€œScandinavian Pickled Doormouse Frittataโ€ in 15 minutes


Like how there is one ridiculously easy skills test and then one really hard one each episode and the fuck ups always come in the easy one.

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Who had โ€˜7:35 and 8:30 for absolutely no reasonโ€™


Just saw this. Absolute madness.

Absolute mad bastards with that scheduling. Does it mean 7:35 for 25 minutes then Eastenders, then another 30 minutes. Before getting giddy with different times on Thursday and Friday?

Tbf the beeb have form for these shenanigans. Might complain.

I want to watch this series. And when I say watch I mean actually watch, not just put it on and then sit on my phone.

Might just be easier to watch it on your phone tbh.

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Marcus has never had a show at 7:35 pm before but heโ€™s looking forward to trying it.


:rotating_light: 9 hour and 35 minute warning :rotating_light:


:rotating_light: 10 hour and 30 min warning :rotating_light:


Going to watch it on iplayer at 9 avoid the split nonsense