MasterChef Professionals 2023

No. He tried to and failed, which is even funnier

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Imagine if Marcus went in the other room wearing headphones whilst Monica was demonstrating the skills test.

“She needs to get that in the oven”
“Too much sugar in that”


Watched this one last night, real cringe worthy stuff. Feel like I’d be fuming if I was judging this but imagine Marcus loved his ego being inflated.

Programme still really misses Roux Jnr. Damned potatoes!

17 minutes

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Weirded out by Grace Dent’s hair


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Few episodes behind, but Molly’s skills test was absolutely sensational telly.

Yeah, that was one of the best Masterchef episodes of all time for me…

Most cooking Gregg’s ever done.

i don’t mean to have a go at someone’s appearance but i have literally never seen this haircut before

all 4 of these seem rubbish so far

Just giving a shout out to dessert masters, an Australian spin off with professional pastry chefs, the stuff they make is incredible.

On episode seven and there’s a lad called Dan who seems like a right belter.

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Ayesha and the ginger lad were both good. Not great episodes though

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ginger lad’s hair was remarkably ginger.

That lamb, babaganoush and pomegranate on toast dish on the skills test made me literally salivate.

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They bloody love saying tarte tatin, don’t they, the pervs?

Chuffed for Cecily. Seemed absolutely petrified.

“We are serious chefs”