MasterChef Professionals 2023

Reckon Tom is going to win the whole thing.


Ooof wasnt expecting that, and i dont think they were either…

Shame Ayesha messed up (slightly) on the critics test, thought her and the ginger guy were a mile ahead in the heat. Very strong round though.

Ginger guy and Phillipe favourites for me along with the tall guy. Short lass from Leeds and Tristan dark horses.

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Don’t remember Tommy at all

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Said the same, not sure I could remember Chris either.

Tall lad was poorer than I thought. Tom and Phillipe will take some beating.

All about the orange mayonnaise worms, street food

Just started watching. Fucking pop-ups :rage:

It’s the fish head guy just in case you aren’t up for watching a bloke hack at a fish head

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Ayesha’s face when she found out she was going home was a picture. Off you pop.

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Philippe’s a GBOL.

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Only just noticed this Chris guy. Seems nice enough

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HATE hearing pertwee explain what a pop up is every fucking season


Pop up chefs are more annoying than michelin star chefs.


Phillipe, Tommy, Other

In that order.

tommy over tom?!

tonight’s lot are so much better than tuesday’s

also this kitchen just seems to be a normal kitchen rather than a pop up one? seemed to be ovens so i dunno what makes it a pop up at all

Cooking a roti in front of THEE ROTI KING is brave.

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I was wrong about Tom winning.

Phillippe to win.

Not sure about a see through gel on top of an egg. Looks like raw albumen.