MasterChef Professionals 2023

“I’m so here for it, this is fire”.

Monica Galetti, aged 48

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That was my fault sorry Phillippe

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Poor poor performance from Phillipe. Was my joint favourite, Surprised Lauren went through after the comments.

On to you, Tom

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such a weird thing to say, although it did make me think of this legend

Same here, I had Phillipe nailed on to be in the final along with ginger Tom, but then he went and ballsed it up.

Apparently the critics are cooking for a Masterchef special when this year’s series is over.

He didn’t really balls it up that much did he? I kind of admire that after they slagged off his rubberised egg he visibly went “well fuck you then. I’m a private chef. I’ve got better things to do” and phoned it in on the veggie thing. But still Monica was painfully obvious in the “guys, come on. This bloke’s the best one. We can’t just bin him off now.” stakes.

And at least he didn’t make thick soup with a cheese toastie and somehow maintain the delusion that that might get him through.

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No he didn’t “balls it up” in the full sense of the word, just relatively compared to his previous dishes that got almost zero criticism. I thought perhaps his previous successes might have carried him through, but then as you say he phoned it in on the plant based dish and then his fate was pretty much sealed!

Glad tattooed chef got binned though.


This chef is made for tv.

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So badly want to eat that rice. Looked incredible. Tasting menu there is 300 quid, so guess I never will.

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Would be gutted if I got the small bit of squid

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this guy is a total wanker

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i swear i have never heard the word espuma before this series and then there’s like 3 in one episode

I was hoping to get your beef.

£100 for the tasting menu here. He’s very proud of the MICHELIN star isn’t he. Counted 3 Michelin men so far.

How’s he just putting his fingers in the flames

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This lot have had it easy compared to last night. None of them look at all phased.

Went from hating Jeremy the restaurant guy to wanting to bone him in about twenty minutes.

James out too. Come on then Tom

the interior of this place is hideous

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