Masterchef (Season 13)

Returns march 29th!!! Finally something to live for. Start cancelling your plans.

Post erm… general excitement until it actually starts.

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One week today guys!!! Finally life will have meaning again.


(I wish there was still a US season on as well though)

Fuck this shit

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(as a non-Masterchef-related aside, I’ll often whistle / hum this to myself at work when I’m feeling pissed off)

Not down with your use of ‘season’ instead of ‘series’.

Would you change it?



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Nah, he’s made his pallet, let him be recumbent atop it.

I posted a picture of my holiday on Instagram and I got liked by none other than Juanita from last season!


Nice one!

Have any of the good ones from last season done anything good?

Baked a nice cake idk

It was great as she was our favourite
my bf started saying for the whole series “juanita knows what she’s doing with a strawberry” and i haven’t been able to get that out of my head since she liked my picture a few weeks ago

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She liked @meowington’s picture. What more do you want?

It’s good to learn that Juanita is a fan of holidays. I’d been wondering about her position on the subject all year.

Mum of two jane coild have at least put out a book

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TBH I don’t bother watching the later rounds any more. It’s only the early rounds with all the people who are laughably out of their depth or think they’re the next Junior Roux that are worth watching.

He’s a keeper.

Less than two days to go!!!

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