Masterchef: The Professionals (2017)


Starts tonight at 8pm!!!

Let’s have a kvetch about who is shit at cooking and who isnt :rofl: :joy:



I will enjoy to watch this programme.


Odds on their being more than one chef who is incapable of even basic cooking skills in the technical (?) round?


Thank you for your reply, ant! Let’s all have fun watching a cooking show together!!!


I, for one, am very much looking forward to watching Masterchef: The Professionals (2017).


First task is to try and to pick out the nob who’ll try to do some dry ice abomination in round 1


I’m looking forward to some chump getting through despite not being able to fuckin’ make a basic roux or something one week to get the numbers up before someone makes a slight mess of butchering a sea urchin or some nonsensically niche shit and gets eliminated at the equivalent stage the next week.





absolutely no doubt that there’s a bet going on between them about who can say the most euphemistic thing, it’s just getting ridiculous


Yep it’s ridiculous! I have about 5 other video clips like that.


Here we!
Here we!


This ‘should’ be an easy one


Complicated test. Reckon a few of them might fall over here.


This guy’s gone


Not turning the hob on and prepping veg on the raw meat board. Shocker


Those faces aren’t good


You can say that again!


Those face aren’t good

(Thunderbirds gif)