Masterchef: The Professionals (2017)


Fuck off putting food in a tulip.


What do we reckon the cheffing hierarchy is? Top to bottom:

Head chef Michelin star restaurant
Head chef restaurant
Sous chef restaurant
Sous chef hotel
Private chef (‘I bring the restaurant to you’ = ‘restaurant’s are too stressful and I am too delicate to work in one’)


Variations of turnip :frog:


This lad’s good :ok_hand:


Monica Is only ever seen with a spoon.


This James Acaster/Andy Murray lad is good as well. Does not look 24 though :eyes:


Ah feck, NOW she decides to use a fork.


Yer man Matts cod cheek dish looked fucking dynamite


him, the cocky geezer from last week and yer man jamie from early on are the big dogs eh


Also the bloke from this week who looked like he’d just been reanimated by his master in a lab. The one who put a cauliflower in a baked spud.


I like the look of Matt if you know what I mean.


No I don’t know what you mean




Oh right. Now I know what you mean


Happy to help


He is wasted as a private chef.


Matt’s an alright cook int he?!
Also reminds me a lot of a friend of mine so I definitely want him to win


Disappointed that he didn’t follow “You’re only as good as your last meal” with “and they said my last meal was the tits, so I’m really good!”


Plankton risotto.

This fucking show.


Dunno it looked pretty good.