Masterchef: The Professionals (2017)


‘mon Louisa.


Hoping she wins it. Great cheffing


Still can’t tell anybody of them apart except for Louisa


I’m so glad it’s not just me who is struggling with this


Disappointed that the guy didn’t get thrown out for his skanky spring onion.


They let that go far too casually. “yeah the spring onion is vile and none of us could touch it, but no worries, the rest was cracking”


Michel Roux would have blown a gasket that he left the root end on as well.


Oh Michel, how I miss thee. Why so greedy?

That said I have warmed to Wareing. Just about.


Synchronised waiting


i think i might be starting to get bored of Masterchef.



Reckon I could watch it indefinitely. My fave formats are as follows:

  1. Professionals
  2. Regular
  3. Kids
  4. Celebrities


Catching up on wednesday’s. Never seen marcus wareing like so many dishes as he has in this season. Feel like they’ve decided to have monica play bad cop this season.


Feel like I’ve barely paid attention to a single episode.
Blonde girl and cute Matt are still the only ones I know.


This. Well I remember Plankton Guy too. But I don’t remember anything about their cooking really except for, like, plankton. I’ve not really warmed to any of them on a personal level and I dunno, how many times can you watch someone make a rabbit ballotine or organise their food in that incredibly tired and overdone ‘line’ on the plate which the judges always cream themselves over??


I remember the plankton risotto but not who made it :woman_shrugging:

To be honest I think you need to be a bit… to be a successful chef so it’s not a surprise we’re not warming to any of them.


Same. Except I also remember the one who looks like the second breakfast hobbit’s friend. Louisa is his elf pal. Matt is the excellent one who should really win but probably won’t because… I dunno. He just probably won’t for some annoying reason.


Cos he’ll inexplicably decide to make a round of toast in the final but fail to butter it


Come onnnnn.

Leo’s on borrowed time i reckon. Who else?


Finally up to date and watching live. This waterfalls bloke is a smug prick. Get him out.


He’s buggered if he tries anymore vegan bollocks