Masterchef: The Professionals (2017)


He’s got the tract out!




He’s late!


WTF is that?


To be fair to him, I’d still be chopping my onions and preparing everything after 20 minutes the way I fanny about in the kitchen.


Luckily neither of us are professional chefs, on a contest to find the best professional chef in the country


This round is basically great tv but a terrible way of deducing if they’re a decent cook or not.


You make a good point.


I’d be similar to you. Trying to chop an onion without chopping my fingers off takes a couple of minutes





Havent we had this bloke 12 times already



I miss Suresh


Where are all the decent women this year?


Was thinking that last night, hardly any innit


Raw meat contamination. This round has had it all


Feel like theyve made a conscious decision to make the first round harder and be more dickish to the contestants in the name of upping the stakes or whatever. Has a bit of a nasty vibe now.


Really don’t like how a couple of herbs gets called a salad.

Bit worried about the lack of quality in this year’s contestants.


Not good this year, is it





That jamie lad is gonna smash all these noobz