Masterchef: The Professionals (2017)


Blasphemy. I don’t even want seasoning.


Jerk seasoning aka Marcus Wareing with a pepper grinder.


I say this every time but the critics round is my favourite


I’m just glad jay rayner isnt there. Something about that bloke…


They’re all joyless husks of human beings


I dont mind the posh giles-y bloke (narrows it down), he seems to have a sense of humour. Love grace dent too.


Posh guy = Shitwell? He’s a complete cunt irl - was a total dickhead at my mate’s aunt’s restaurant. I think he’s a tosser on the show too but he’s the villain i love to hate tbf


I was about to say Sitwell’s my fave. Doesn’t surprise me though that they’d all be awful in real life.


That’s the one. Not surprised he’s a dick IRL but he’s one of the least worst on here.


Sitwell’s hero shot was amazing :rofl:


‘Textures of xx’. Stop it.


Every time I watch this I wish I had something for dessert in the fridge but I never have :sweat:


I like sitting down with a beer and a bag of pork scratchings or, as tonight, a pack of jerky. I like how it feels quite anti-Mastercook.


The star of this dish for me, is…


Lot of beards in that episode. Looks like next week, no beards.


Bloody love Rayner - find him very much the opposite of joyless.


Mrs Fox was very concerned that none were wearing beard nets…


One of Mrs F’s pet peeves too. Which is ironic given that just about everything I cook always seems to have one of her hairs in it somehow.


Marcus Wareing would have to wear one when he does the skills test if the contestants had to, no way he’s gonna do that.