Masterchef : The Professionals 2019

Begins on Tuesday.

In for this. Hope they go to some posh restaurants early this year.

Edit. Have changed my opinion to the opposite of what I said before.

The best MasterChef.

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I like this one, but it falls down a bit in the lack of “journey” from any of the contestants. That said, it’s still the very best food on display. I will never get to any of the restaurants they visit, but I can always dream.

The best bit is definitely the first round when “professional” chefs fail to scrape the dirt from a mussel or can’t make a bog-standard Hollandiase.

I think the 1st round has got harder the last few years there was one last year when none of the chefs had heard what they were meant to be doing (seem to vaguely remember it was something to do with fish). Monica is almost constantly saying these days “they might not know how to do this but, they should know the technique”.

I’m going get feedback for each challenge from my chef mate this year. Maybe a 5 level toughness rating or something.

8pm tonight.
Who’s IN???

Up. For. It.

This is probably the way Wareing pronounces it. How I’ve missed his evil face.

All in. Apparently the 1st test is Make A Ragu

Pick you Pro MC stereotype of choice:

  • Chef/proprietor of a fish restaurant in a south west coastal village, who can’t cook anything that isn’t fish.
  • Acne-ridden urchin who hasn’t seen daylight since he finished his term at the young offenders institution and got a job as a commis chef.
  • Young woman with very tidy hair who is junior potwasher at a top restaurant, but has memorised and secretly perfected every single technique in the kitchen.
  • A big old lummox who likes making dainty pastries.
  • Person who runs a cafe and desperately doesn’t want to be running a cafe in ten years’ time.

Chef school teacher who’s never set foot inside a real kitchen



of course!

Also, I’ll need to catch up due to an overwhelming urge to watch Liverpool (hopefully!) beat some Belgian no hopers in the Champions League

What’s the first really basic thing that Wallace is going to be totally amazed by?

What time is it on? 8pm?

No. It’s on at 8pm.

Clashes with Liverpool but I guess I can multi task